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Property List – Directory Design

This template allows you to set in admin the min and maxim values for lot size, property size, rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. The rest of the elements will be synced with your property categories, types, cities, areas and states added in admin. Property status syncs with the status list you add in theme options. Features and amenities sync with the features you select to show in Advanced search which you custom add in theme options too.

Property with vertical slider

from 86K Kč
Just steps away from QM2 express bus to Manhattan and local buses; only minutes from the LIRR. Walking distance to the Bay Terrace Shopping Center, Baybridge Commons Shopping Center, pool clubs, movie theaters and tennis courts
5 6 190 m2podrobnosti

Apartment with Subunits

from 999 Kč
Sesame Street international co-productions are educational children's television series based on the American Sesame Street but tailored to the countries in which they are produced.
5 2 1.900 m2podrobnosti
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This template allows you to add more text after the list of properties as well. You can add here a text or a banner of your choice. 

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